The Starting Point

The finished documents have to be distributed to the respective airlines and other recipients according to a distribution code from the aircraft manufacturer. The aircraft manufacturers issue this information in printed form. The result of this is that every supplier then has to find individual solutions on how to process and evaluate this information. In addition it is necessary to compile and distribute a complete list of all documents that have been published (Publication Index). This information is usually stored separately – a process that often results in discrepancies.

The Task

TD&DS was also confronted with this problem as for some customers we not only compile the manuals but also carry out the complete distribution. The aim was to have all necessary information electronically available in order to administrate the customer manual status and organize the distribution.

We also wanted to be capable of extracting from this data all the information necessary to carry out further tasks such as the print-out of invoices, address etiquettes, etc., calculation of the print quantity of individual manuals, and automatic generation of Publication Indexes sorted according to various criteria. Manual processes were to be reduced to an absolute minimum. We found ourselves confronted with these tasks and we have reacted to them by developing the database-driven application ADMS (Aircraft Documentation Monitoring System).

ADMS - Our Solution

Information required for the distribution of the documentation (CMM, ACMM, SB, etc.) is entered in the ADMS database. This contains not only information on the manuals (e.g. unit part numbers, ATA reference, revision status, issue date), but also information from the aircraft manufacturer (e.g. aircraft to customer validity, number of copies per airline, shipping addresses and all other necessary information). This data is linked in ADMS to enable a list to be derived with details on recipients, validity information, quantity of copies per recipient and the calculated total quantity per manual. This list is displayed on screen and can also be printed as required. ADMS also generates ready-to-print invoices and address etiquettes.

Further functions are the monitoring of the distribution, including return information as acknowledgement of receipt and generation of Publication Indexes sorted according to part number, manual (ATA-reference) and customer validity.

ADMS - Intelligent documentation administration and easy distribution organization – take our advice.

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