"File and forget"?

As easy as it is to “file and forget”, it is even easier to describe how the ARDOS Queue module works. The ARDOS Queue is a batch program that supports tasks from the ARDOS Publisher, ARDOS Viewer and ARDOS Checker modules. Especially for large documents often consisting of several hundred or thousand pages or working in larger teams, the usage of the ARDOS Queue makes sense. With the ARDOS Queue, the documents to be published or checked are queued and processed consecutively either as 32 or 64 bit application. The priority of the queued documents that have not been processed can also be changed after they were listed. The user can also receive an e-mail notification for each completed process. With that, the ARDOS Queue can be used on a different computer in the team while your own computer is not slowed down. The ARDOS Queue is more than just a simple list of jobs that are being processed: We have also included other features that ensure that the processes do not interfere with each other and that the processes are restarted if any one of them fails.

The ARDOS Queue complements the Publisher, Viewer and Checker!
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