ARDOS Supplementary Tools

Useful Helpers

The technical documentation takes top priority in ARDOS but the technical documentation to be delivered is often not complete after the draft or final version has been published. In other cases, a special feature is required during the documentation process that cannot be associated with the other ARDOS modules. Often the technical information that has already been implemented in the documentation is used to create additional data which has to be prepared differently (e.g. reports, complementary data). That is why we have included a number of additional features in ARDOS that support you in your daily work:

  • “Scrutinisation Sheet” – The complete meta information is acquired from the manual
  • CML – Consumable Material List, export of all consumables of one document to an excel sheet (Airbus)
  • U-File – Provisioning file for consumables, export to an excel sheet (Boeing)
  • W-File – Provisioning file for tools, export to an excel sheet (Boeing)
  • Graphic Viewer (CGM) – Analysis of the graphic size, hotspots, meta information etc.
  • Graphic View (TIF)
  • T-File Viewer – A “cryptic” T-file is “taken apart” and converted to a readable structure
  • Konverter T-File → Detailed Parts List
  • Konverter S-File → Detailed Parts List
  • “Fix invalid entity path” corrects entity paths in documents
  • “Remove processing instructions” removes SGML processing instructions – Tool for migration preparations
  • “Remove Attributes with Underscore” removes invalid SGML attributes – Tool for migration preparations
The ARDOS Supplementary Tools simplify supplementary tasks!
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